Monday, 23 November 2009


So I moved on to Texturing. The book only has a small tutorial on it, and the outcome is very basic. But still, I wanted to keep Cornelius simple and clean looking.

I started by creating my UV map using the Automatic Mapping tool. With that done, I went to the rendering menu and used the 3D Paint tool, under the texturing Menu. This allowed me to paint my textures straight onto my Model.
This sounded to good to be true. It unfortunately it was. For some strange reason, the tool doesn't seem to work properly for me. Perhaps its my copy of Maya, or maybe my laptop. I end up painting on this.
However after playing with the tool, I managed to work through, even with the strange black static, by switching between using the 3D Paint Tool and the UV Editor. It took a Very Long time, but here is my UV map (which looks terrible and complex)
And here is my textured Cornelius.

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