Monday, 23 November 2009

Keep On Modeling

So it's been a while since my last update. And if I'm completely honest it becomes so easy to get caught up in Maya that I completely forgot about the blog. So sorry as I'm about to update in bulk.

Anyways, the next step in modeling i took, were to block model the hands and feet. I felt cocky on this one and went ahead thinking I knew what I was doing with them, but rule one is to never be cocky with maya as... it will knock you on your arse.

I started by extruding squares from the arms and and then scale extruding five more faces off the end face of the palm I created. These were to be extruded outward to become fingers. I followed the same steps with the feet.

Only after I did this, did i discover that i had in fact made the palms of both the foot and the hands, like 800 sided poly's. I spoke to steve however and he said it is fine, as when i take the model into z brush it should fix my palms by splitting it into tri's and quads for me. So overall, great success...i think? :S

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