Thursday, 15 October 2009

Research; Gorillas

I have been researching gorillas for my project and have chosen a few images as reference for my designs. The images i have chosen are all of male silver backs and all are in strong poses. These images give me a good idea of how they stand and the proportions of their limbs etc.
The first image shows a
silver back standing in a very intense and powerful pose. I love this image as it gives me a great view of his arms and back legs. Which I now feel would look amazing exagerated.

I chose this image because its quite similar to the first and it offers me
a side perspective. This image also has a lovely view of the curve of the back and mighty shoulders.

I chose this image as its a nice shot of the head and allows me to see how large his head is in comparison to his body. It also offers a lovely chance to see fur coverage on the gorillas body.

I chose this image as its a brilliant reference for the facial and skull structure of the gorilla. It is also good as there are lots of apparent details on the face which stand out. Hopefully this will help me when designing the face of my character and allow me to emphasize it's features.

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