Wednesday, 14 October 2009

The Brief

Hey guys,

Welcome to my Blog for this terms project, Industry Exercises 1. This blog is my design journal where i will be posting research, ideas and progress from this terms project. So first up I'm going to discuss the brief.

The Brief;

I've decided to go with the character design brief, like most people in the class. I've chosen this brief as I have fairly strong skills in drawing and feel that it would be best suited to me. I also believe that the modeling and rigging involved in this unit will push me further and help me develop skills in both these areas. This will be challenging and exciting as i have never modeled and rigged a character before, let alone seen any of my designs taken from 2D to 3D. I will also try my hand at texturing which will benefit me in the long run as I feel Concept and Modeling may be my preferred path for the future.


Looking at the characters from the brief I feel most drawn to Cornelius the Gorilla (like most people I'm sure) and Pocahontas Billiams. I think i feel most drawn to these two characters because reading through their descriptions, i notice that Pocahontas wants to be a gorilla, and Cornelius is the most civilized member of the zoo. I can really see character dynamics between these two characters, i can imagine them interacting. More clearly than any of the others.


I'll will be researching gorillas to look at the way they move, the way they look and their proportions. I will be researching other artists representations of gorillas, along with other artists styles which i would like to take influence from. I will also be looking at colour, lighting and will be looking for tutorials on rigging and modeling.


I will be producing several concepts for each character and then a final character sheet to help me model. These concepts with include colour experiments, proposed textures and a few facial expressions.

The Next Step;

The next step for me in this project is to produce some sort of timeline to help me plan my work, from research to modeling to rigging etc...

Hopefully this will help me manage my time on this project and allow me to see where I'm falling behind and arrange my time accordingly.

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